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NUION Chocolate Vitamin D3

NUION Chocolate Vitamin D3

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Przepyszny miks czekolady i orzechów wzbogacony o witaminę D3.


A delicious mix of chocolate and nuts enriched with vitamin D3


Sweetener: maltitol, shea oil, hazelnuts, powdered rice drink (rice, oat fiber, sunflower oil, salt), reduced fat cocoa, sunflower oil with vitamin D3 (vegan vitamin D3 from sea algae - cholecalciferol), emulsifier : lecithin (sunflower), flavor.

The product contains: hazelnuts.

The product may contain: peanuts, other nuts.

Store in a tightly closed container in a cool and dark place out of reach of small children.

1 pack contains 10 sachets. 1 sachet contains 10g of the product.

Suitable for vegans.
The product does not contain preservatives, gluten, lactose and soy.


Recommended consumption: 2 sachets a day.

The daily dose (2 sachets) contains: Vegan Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) - 50 µg - 2000 IU (1000% NRV*)

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet.

Dietary supplement intended for healthy adults up to 75 years of age.

Before use, it is recommended to perform a 25- (OH) D blood test and consult the test result with a doctor or pharmacist.

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Why Puromedica

  • Safety

    The entire production process is based on the implemented HACCP safety assurance system in accordance with the 7 principles of Codex Alimentarius and in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 852/2004 of April 29, 2004 on the hygiene of food products.

  • High absorbability

    This modern, unique technology makes it possible to achieve the highest level of bioavailability of our products, minimising the risk of feeding bacteria, fungi and parasites in the lower sections.

  • Fair play

    PUROMEDICA products do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, flavors, colors, gluten, soy, GMOs, dairy products, banned and doping substances.

  • Many years of experience</tc>

    Based on the knowledge and experience of many years of clinical practice, the results of scientific research and sports achievements, we create unique formulas of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids with a very high level of absorption by the body.

  • Composition confirmed by research

    In our products you will not find unnecessary fillers, preservatives, dyes, heavy metals and impurities. This is confirmed by tests carried out by an independent, accredited laboratory of JS Hamilton Poland.

  • Form of application

    The liquid form facilitates administration. Choose any way you like: add to water, your favorite drink or meal, or straight onto the tongue.

Who we are?

PUROMEDICA is an innovative project created by a team of international medical and sports specialists. 

Our most important objective is to restore key nutrients essential for health and well-being in the diet of modern man.