Who We are

PUROMEDICA is an innovative project created by a team of international medical and sports specialists. Our most important objective is to restore key nutrients essential for health and well-being in the diet of modern man.

What we do

Based on the knowledge and experience of many years of clinical practice, scientific research and sporting achievements, we create unique formulations of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids with a very high level of absorption by the body. 
We excel at creating ultra-pure forms of liquid minerals and vitamins using the unique NUION technology without the use of any preservatives.
This modern, unique technology makes it possible to achieve the highest level of bioavailability of our products, minimising the risk of feeding bacteria, fungi and parasites in the lower sections. All our products, which from a biochemical point of view, do not dissolve properly and do not need to be transported with water, are offered in the form of dry powders and capsules.

In Short

All PUROMEDICA products are made without the use of any preservatives, artificial colours, flavouring compounds, GMOs, gluten, sugar, lactose or animal products. They are all simply “PURO”.

The best recommendation is preventionand a healthy lifestyle.

We believe in the natural healing power of the human organism
The natural healing power of the human body depends on the inherent interplay of mental, physical and biochemical spheres.

Our role is to support the healing process in the human body. Both for healthy people who want to improve their quality of life and for sick people who want to recover, we provide support to achieve a balanced physical and mental state.

Cheaper in the package!

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