About us

Who are we?

PUROMEDICA is an innovative project developed by a team of international specialists in medicine and sports. Based on their knowledge and expertise from many years of clinical practice, research results and sporting achievements it develops unique formulas of minerals dissolved in purified water as well as vitamins, enzymes and amino acids with a very high level of assimilability, which guarantees the highest possible effectiveness for the human organism. We cooperate with specialists from Polish and foreign academic centres, professional athletes, Olympic teams, doctors, nutritionists, specialists in applied kinesiology, osteopaths, physiotherapists, natural practitioners etc.

Prevention and healthy lifestyle are the best way of life

Both healthy individuals who wish to improve their quality of life as well as patients wanting to recover from diseases or injuries are invited to benefit from our knowledge and experience in detoxification, elimination of parasites, heavy metals, improve their vital energy, physical and mental health. We believe in the human body’s natural ability to heal, which depends on the inseparable mental, physical and biochemical sphere. Our role is simply to support the recovery process in the human body through consultations and providing targeted solutions. According to our philosophy, maintaining proper health is based on broadly understood prevention manifested in healthy lifestyle, according to the rule “prevention is better than cure”.

Why do we need to replenish nutrients?

Our geographical location: in Poland and central Europe, on poor soil, we are particularly prone to chronic deficiencies of key minerals. Additionally, the local climate above the 37° parallel of north latitude leads to natural deficiency of vitamins, mostly vitamin D3 from autumn to spring.

Modern agriculture does not enrich the soil with an appropriate quantity of magnesium, zinc, iodine and selenium, therefore the modern man’s diet lacks key nutrients. Agricultural land becomes less and less fertile at each collection of crops, which makes it poor in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so it loses its basic advantage – nutritional value. This is highly influenced by use of chemical fertilizers, which leads to a drastic decrease in valuable nutrients in our foods.

Rapidly decreasing quality of water and its filtration deprives us of a large proportion of microelements necessary for human and animal health.

The recent years have witnessed a drastic decrease in air quality, which exceeds all acceptable safety standards. Human body is unable to neutralise and excrete such amounts of heavy metals and other harmful substances. This is why it needs support in the form of natural ingredients such as minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

The contemporary man’s intense lifestyle marked by high physical and mental stress experienced by our bodies require replenishing necessary nutrients.

Unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of drugs, stimulants and processed foods further increases the modern man’s need for minerals, enzymes, vitamins and amino acids.

A certificate does not always guarantee quality

The main and most difficult task of PUROMEDICA in today’s degraded environment is to provide the purest, natural ingredients to manufacture the end product. Irrespective of the held certificates, each batch of goods undergoes additional internal tests before manufacturing the final product to confirm compliance with the material sample of the previously selected provider of materials. We check the effect of the final formulas have on human body using functional neurological tests. Additionally, our products undergo strict obligatory quality tests in independent laboratories, which decreases the risk of contamination with fungi, micro- organisms, pesticides, heavy metals and other undesirable substances. Moreover, the entire production process is based on the implemented HACCP safety assurance system, pursuant to the 7 principles of Codex Alimentarius and regulation of the European Parliament and the Council no. 852/2004 of April 29th 2004 on hygiene of food products. Both the management board, the senior management and the owners are responsible for that at each stage.

Fair play

The company’s preparations are made using only the purest capsules of plant origin. PUROMEDICA products do not contain any preservatives, aromatic, taste or colouring agents, common food allergens such as gluten, soya, GMO, milk products, prohibited or doping substances.