Partner program regulations

Partner Program Regulations


1. PUROMEDICA Sp. z o.o. sp.k. limited liability company with its registered seat in Dąbrowa at the address: ul. Batorowska 30, 62-070 Dąbrowa (hereinafter referred to as: the Organizer) is the organizer and coordinator of the Partner Program published at (hereinafter referred to as: the Program). Each natural person or other entity qualified for the Program shall be deemed as the Organizer’s Partner and shall be referred to as such in the Regulations.

2. The provisions of these Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) with all enclosures thereto or other documents which explicitly refer to the Regulations are the sole source of the rights and obligations established between the Organizer and the persons applying for the position of a Partner or ones who have already become Partners, unless specified otherwise in the given case by way of individual arrangements with the Organizer.

3. Each person wishing to become a Partner and the persons who have already become Partners shall be obliged to read these Regulations because obtaining the status of a Partner is not possible without accepting the Regulations. These persons undertake to strictly adhere to the Regulations on pain of the Organizer’s unilateral and immediate termination of cooperation with them

without giving reason.

4. Participation in the Program is free of charge and voluntary. Each partner might withdraw from the Program at any moment by way of submitting an appropriate declaration of intent to the Organizer or by deleting their partner account on the Website.


1. The objective of the Program is to establish cooperation between the Organizer and the natural persons and other entities who obtain the status of a Partner, whose actions, pursuant to the Regulations, shall promote the products covered by the Partner Program in order to increase sales of these products.

2. Active participation in the Program (manifested by an increase in sales of the products covered by the partner program) gives each partner benefits in the form of commission granted by the Organizer according to the Regulations or agreed otherwise with the Organizer in writing. If the arrangements are changed, the rules shall apply from the date, at which they are published at or from the moment

indicated in the contents.

3. The concept of the program assumes long-term calculation of the Partners’ commission for the activities of PUROMEDICA customers recommended by them, manifested by their purchases at store, on which the Partners’ benefits depend mostly.


1. Natural persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland and holding Polish citizenship, aged over 18 or under that age, but only with the consent of their statutory representatives (e.g. parents) expressed in writing and sent to the address of the Organizer’s headquarters, might apply for the status of a Partner.

2. Entrepreneurs and other entities and institutions seated in the territory of the Republic of Poland might apply for the status of a Partner, irrespective of their legal form, save that they might incur liabilities in their own name.

3. Registration at is necessary to obtain the status of a Partner.

4. The information given in the registration form and the Partner data form should be true and accurate and in case of their change each Partner undertakes to inform the Organizer about it within 14 days of such change. In case of a change of any significant details preventing payment of funds to the Partner, the Organizer might withhold payment of the Program benefits to the Partner by the time the Partner complies with this requirement.

5. Having verified the data and information included in the application form received from the candidates, the Organizer might apply for additional data or information, or for providing certain documents, statements or taking other actions indicated in the correspondence with the candidate, which enable proper execution of the provisions of the Partner Program.

6. The status of a Partner is obtained at the moment the information confirming it is received from the Organizer.

7. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse accepting a given candidate as a Partner.

8. Each candidate for a Partner expresses their consent to have their personal data indicated in the application form and further in the course of their verification as a Partner processed by the Organizer, at least by the time of receiving the Organizer’s answer concerning acceptance as a Partner and, in case of such acceptance, the provided consents shall be valid by the time of terminating cooperation with the Partner.

9. Each Partner, at the moment of their acceptance, agrees to receive information from the Organizer concerning the activity of PUROMEDICA as well as commercial information on new products or services, promotions and information promoting products of the Organizer’s trade partners to the provided e-mail address.

10. Each Partner shall have the right to inspect the data processed by the Organizer, to amend, correct and remove them. It can be done by the Partner independently via, at the dedicated control panel (hereinafter referred to as the Panel).

11. Removing the data by a Partner or its request that the Organizer removes the data necessary for cooperation between the Organizer and the Partner, or a withdrawal of the consent to obtain commercial information shall mean termination of cooperation as part of the Program on the Partner’s initiative, including all implications thereof set forth by the Regulations.


1. The Partner’s basic duty is to increase the Organizer’s revenues from sales of products and services offered at by directly or indirectly inviting third parties to make purchases at the store.

2. A customer of PUROMEDICA shall be deemed as a person recommended by a given Partner

if such persons enters the store by activating a special link (hyperlink) made available to the Partner, which allows to attribute the given customer to the given Partner in PUROMEDICA database, on which the Partner’s benefits from participation in the Program depend.

3. The partner link (hyperlink) might be made available by Partners to potential customers in various ways provided that it does not infringe the applicable laws and:

a. does not meet the criteria of sending spam (mass sending of mail/messages/posts to persons who might not wish to receive them);

b. does not meet the criteria of sending unsolicited commercial information;

c. does not infringe the right to privacy of the persons who receive the link;

4. The link might also be embedded in advertising banners placed by the Partners on websites, where the Partners have appropriate rights to place advertising banners if the Organizer does not oppose against placing the banner at the given websites on account of their subject matter,

appearance, functionality or for other reasons.

5. The following steps are not permitted:

a. using a link automatically activated after entering or leaving a website, where it is placed (unless such website has no contents and its only function is redirection);

b. make access to services offered on the website conditional on activating the hyperlink with the partner link, clicking on the advertising banner, entering the website through the advertising banner, registering or making a purchase at such website;

c. sending mass information concerning the website including the advertising banner to Internet users (spamming) using any medium (e-mail, mailing lists, usenet newsgroups, Internet messengers, IRC etc.);

d. impersonating sales websites in any announcements or advertisements, on own websites, in own promotional materials, irrespective of the form of promoting the products covered by the partner program;

e. starting websites of the products covered by the partner program automatically in separate windows at entering or leaving the Partner’s website (popup, popunder, popexit etc.);

f. placing website of the products covered by the partner program in click-harvester type of systems, exchange of traffic on websites in case a website on domain is a website added to the system directly.

6. Redirection to websites of products covered by the partner program should be performed by the visitor deliberately. Redirection cannot be forced in any way.

7. A given person’s first visit at store through a Partner’s link shall result in saving a “cookie” file in the person’s computer system. The file enables identification of the given customer at store as a customer recommended by the specific Partner. A “cookie” might be replaced by a similar file of another Partner (by so-called “overwriting” – only one “cookie” file is allowed for one computer system).

8. A Partner receives commission directly when the Partner’s “cookie” is saved in the given customer’s computer system at the moment of the purchase.

9. A customer is permanently attributed to a given Partner if, at the moment of making their first purchase at store, the Partner’s “cookie” is saved in the customer’s computer system. A customer permanently attributed to one Partner cannot be permanently attributed to another one. If a customer is permanently attributed to a Partner, it does not exclude saving other Partners’ “cookie” files in the customer’s computer system.

10. Given the aforementioned technical conditions of the Program the Organizer bears no liability for any non-compliance of computer systems of both Partners and customers entering store as a result of the Partner’s actions. This in particular applies to the possibility of saving and storing “cookies” in these computer systems making use of information altered compared to the ones that were attributed at PUROMEDICA database and other, which might cause irregularities in identifying the actions or entities, on which Partners’ benefits in the Program depend.

11. A Partner’s commission might be discontinued if a Customer canvassed by the given Partner exercises their right to return their purchase. This, however, cannot in any case lead to any costs imposed on the Partner.


1. Pursuant to this § 5 Partners might demand payment of the funds collected in the partner program.

2. In all cases payment is made by the Organizer only if it receives a VAT invoice from the Partner indicating the amount shown in the Partner’s panel, in Payment tab, Collected funds box. It should be sent to the Organizer’s address for correspondence or electronically, in PDF format, at

A VAT invoice cannot indicate a payment term other than 14 days or a payment method other than bank transfer.

3. The natural persons shall be obliged to calculate and pay income tax on revenues gained from participation in the partner program independently.

4. Payments to the natural persons shall be made within 14 days from receiving a correctly filled up bill to the Organizer’s address for correspondence:

PUROMEDICA Sp. z o.o. sp. k.

ul. Batorowska 30, 62-070 Dąbrowa


1. The Organizer reserves the right to unilaterally and immediately block a Partner’s participation in the Program or to terminate cooperation with a Partner if the Partner does not adhere to the Regulations or does not comply with the Organizer’s decisions made based on the Regulations.

2. Unilateral termination of cooperation with a Partner for reasons attributable to it, which fulfil the criteria of a prohibited act shall always result in cancelling any commission and other benefits resulting from participation in the Program if such benefits result from the Partner’s prohibited act. In such case the Partner shall lose the right to demand payment of any funds.

3. If a Partner withdraws from the Program on its own initiative, to which the Partner is entitled at any moment by giving notice to the Organizer, the Partner might demand payment of the collected funds pursuant to appropriate documents.

4. If the Organizer finds (having granted commission) that a Partner has infringed applicable Polish or international laws, the Organizer shall be entitled to immediately cancel any benefits granted to such Partner, for which there is a reasonable suspicion that they have been calculated in an unfair or unlawful way.

5. The Organizer reserves the right to unilaterally and completely terminate or suspend exercising the Program, having placed the information on the Program’s website and sent such information by e-mail. This does not release the Organizer from its obligation to Pay the collected funds to the Partners.

6. If a Partner’s participation in the Program is blocked or if cooperation with a Partner is terminated, the given Partner shall be obliged to immediately remedy the irregularities, which give grounds for suspending or removing the hyperlinks or any graphic and text promotional elements from the websites, at which the Partner has placed them.

7. In spite of making every effort that the computer system of the store and the Program functions smoothly, the Organizer does not incur any liability for any of its dysfunctions caused by force majeure or any events remaining beyond the Organizer’s control. Hence, no entity shall be entitled to any claims against the Organizer for the above stated reasons.

8. If the Organizer definitively cases providing the services, closes the store or transfers it to another entity, it shall be deemed as termination of the Program, unless agreed otherwise in writing between the parties in a given case.

The Regulations shall enter into force on March 1st 2019.