DEALER Puromedica

The Dealer is an authorised distributor of the products and has a professional point of sales offering the highest class of service, with exposition of the entire product range of Puromedica, compliant with the standards and requirements for promotion of the brand.

The Dealer ensures direct sales of Puromedica products and assistance of qualified personnel.

discount on wholesale clients (dealer’s margin) compliant with the conditions of the dealer’s agreement

free shipping for wholesale orders
at least 9 products

Puromedica display with a full range of products

10% commission on all online purchases of a recommended Customer, Partner or Dealer at store

10% commission for the Dealer on purchases made by Individual Customers, Partners and Dealers via your Partner Link


An attractive opportunity to get the commission cash-free by exchanging the generated commission amount to points
(1:1) and use the points to purchase products at store (1 point = 1 PLN)

An opportunity to get the commission in cash to an indicated bank account, based on a receipt or invoice issued by the Dealer

How to become a dealer?

Take only two steps described below and you can derive all the benefits of being a Puromedica Dealer.

  1. The status of a Dealer is given after obtaining authorisation from Puromedica and concluding a dealer agreement and accepting the regulations on offline and online sales of Puromedica products.
  2. Purchase of Starter Pack including the full range of Puromedica products, individually selected stock products and a company display.

How to maintain cooperation and get the most out of it?

The Dealer’s opportunities of developing cooperation are multi-directional and might generate synergies when the following conditions are met:

  • The full range of Puromedica products required under the agreement and available at the Dealer’s point of sale enables professional sales
  • Selling prices of the products based on the retail sales price list guarantee the required trade margin level
  • Monthly minimum purchases pursuant to the agreement enable maintaining the dealer discount
  • Commissions on online shopping of recommended Customers, Partners and Dealers in a given calendar month are calculated on completed purchases for at least PLN 90

Join the program now and become DEALER Puromedica!